Obsessing about perfection in the birthmark essay

It seems that Aylmer really doesn t think much of. Since Laymen started obsessing over the birthmark and hating it, this made Georgian start to hate the birthmark herself too, even though she knows that other men in the world find her birthmark beautiful.

The Birthmark

He had fancied himself with Indaba, attempting an operation for the removal of the birthmark. Aylmer and Rappaccini are unable to see that the perfection they are trying to attain is destructive of what they desire. Laymen makes a potion that Georgian drink that makes the birthmark on her face start to disappear, but as the birthmark starts to disappear Georgian passes away.

Aylmer thought he was competent enough to remove the birthmark, "I feel myself fully competent to render this dear cheek as faultless as its fellow; and the, most beloved, what will be my triumph when I shall have corrected what Nature left imperfect in her fairest work.

It is due December 6 so I m done. Societal views of reaching ultimate beauty and physical perfection are constantly displayed through the media. This dream is what leads Georgiana to allow Aylmer to try and remove her birthmark. From this, Hawthorne makes the point that perfection is unattainable.

In Alameda addiction for perfection, he lost his beautiful wife, and before he could think twice about what he did, Georgian was dead. The main character, Aylmer, develops an obsession with becoming a world renowned alchemist, yet falls short when.

The negative aspect is that we tend to overlook the simple and small things that matter in our grapple for survival and growth. Freud argues that the id is the center of our unconscious desires Pennington 3. Fatal Pride Themes and Colors LitCharts assigns a color and icon to each theme in The Birthmark, which you can use to track the themes throughout the work.

It is no surprise that both Georgiana and Beatrice die drinking the antidote to their ills because the only antidote to the restrictions and expectations placed on them was their own death.

His name was Aylmer. While Alymer thirst for perfection, most of his accomplishments ironically are considered failures based on the ideals set in the beginning of his experiments. Sometimes, people concentrate too much on what science can do and how important science is in our lives.

Care to prove us. Oxford UP Fetterly, Judith.

When he realizes such a procedure is terribly dangerous, he goes forward with it anyway, and ends up killing her in an attempt to make her perfect.

The Sins of the Father. The movement itself is about expressing individuality, emotions, and creativity which caused Americans to write about the American wilderness, science, and other creative ideas that tapped into their heads. Only nature can create such powerful beauty like this.

A more Freudian approach by Frederick Crews focuses on the birthmark and the garden as icons of feminine sexuality. I believe that Hawthorne is trying to say that nothing is made to be perfect, so one should not try to perfect things that should not be perfected.

This question is answered quite simply by examining the text: Through neurosis, and a fear of never reaching the true male heterosexuality, Aylmer is unable to deem himself a real man, and is therefore imperfect Hartmann Aylmer, while desiring his own perfection, cannot act on this ludicrous desire to reach perfection, and through the reality principle is forced to transfer his own desire for perfection to the desire of perfection for his wife.

However, both fail to recognize the salvation they are offered and they forge ahead blind to the world and the consequences of their actions.

It is those humans who eventually learn that nature cannot be changed or revised. Custom center house in Boston. In the mid-nineteenth century, Americans began to experience a transfer in focus from the once strict religious perspectives to a more scientific look of the world and its natural wonders.

The famous author as born in Salem Massachusetts into a family whose ancestors were among the earliest of settlers. Instead of getting plastic surgery, a toupee, using steroids, or dieting excessively, people would be better off accepting who they truly are.

The Birthmark Essay - Part 2

This could have been an indicator that nature must never be challenged at all cost or one will have to face a grave consequence. Yet both Aylmer and Georgiana make every rationalization for this behavior.

American Romanticism Essay

The Birthmark Essay. Summary/ Critique of “The Birthmark” by Nathaniel Hawthorne Summary In “The Birthmark,” the main characters are Aylmer and Georgiana. Aylmer is a brilliant scientist and natural philosopher who left his scientific work for a while to marry a woman named Georgiana.

More Essay Examples on Nathaniel Hawthorne Rubric. Without the birthmark, she is a perfect woman and so she heads towards heaven. Aylmer gives up science to win the heart of Georgiana, but in the end gives up Georgiana due to his love of science.

Because of his nature, we can look to these two "flaws" – the desire to play God and a blinding faith in science – as a strong contender for the reason behind Aylmer's obsession with removing his wife's birthmark.

We will write a custom essay sample on Obsession of Perfection specifically for you for only $ $/page. Order now (Hawthorne ). He seeks to remove his wife’s birthmark, the symbol of necessarily flawed humanity, and make her perfect. Georgiana’s birthmark represents man’s imperfections, the very imperfections that.

American Romanticism

The transfer of desire of his own perfection to the desire for perfection of his wife, proves that Aylmer’s superego is not fully intact.

Obsessing about his wife’s birthmark is not socially acceptable, and therefore defeats the purpose of the superego, what Freud calls the “moral code” (Pennington 52). Read The Birthmark free essay and over 88, other research documents.

American Romanticism Essay

The Birthmark. February 13, Analyzing Hawthorne's The Birthmark What is perfection? Can perfection be explained? In "The Birthmark," Hawthorne uses the birthmark to explain that Nature Words | 4 Pages.

Obsessing about perfection in the birthmark essay
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The Birthmark Essay